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the related technologies of oil and gas filed production operations

1.Corrosion Monitoring and Evaluation for Oilfield Production Facilities

Combined advantages in Chemistry, Material, Inspection, with advanced inspection methods and lab analyzing capability, promoted SEQS&II / Kete the Industry pioneer in fatigue corrosion, stress corrosion, hydrogen-induced cracking, impact corrosion, electrochemistry erosion. SEQS&II / Kete have provided corrosion inspection and assessment for al-Ahdab Oil Field inIraq, Kenkyak Oil Field inKazakhstanand some domestic oil fields.

2.The Gas Collecting Techniques with Foam Drainage

With complete sets of experimental devices to explore water-producing gas reservoir, and utilizing foaming and de-foaming agents in reservoir compatibility experiment, SEQS&II / Kete are capable of formulating injection method in accordance with field process design and well characteristics, which is particularly useful in exploring for gas wells with condensate oil, and reservoirs whose formation water highly mineralized.

3.Operation and Maintenance of Oil and Gas Processing Device

SEQS&II / Kete are capable of operating equipment and controlling process for pressurized, desulfurization, dehydration, hydrocarbon, LPG extraction and transportation, sulfur recovery of raw natural gas for oil & gas processing, especially for the high sulfurous natural gas. SEQS&II / Kete service range also covers daily surveys, the start-stop of operating equipment, process control, and handling of natural gas processing devices under emergency and accident conditions. SEQS&II / Kete can provide repair and maintenance services for various mechanical & electric equipment, gauges and automatic devices used in oil & gas processing both at home and abroad.

4.Failure analysis and monitoring of large-scale fracturing pipe fittings

This technology can be used for finite element analysis on fluid-structure interaction erosion and vibrating state of high pressure pipe fittings; field monitoring for real-time strain state and real-time vibration data of pipe fittings (elbow and tee); failure analysis on pipe fittings; applicability evaluation for high pressure pipe fittings; safety & reliability evaluation for high pressure pipe fittings in combination with NDT technology; and provision of optimized layout solutions to large-scale fracturing pipe fittings for the clients by utilizing the finite element analysis technology.

5.Safety Supervision on Oil Field Productions

SEQS&II / Kete are skilled in natural gas purification, developing high sulfide wells in Sichuan region, a group of experienced and professional safety supervisors can provide comprehensive services for oil & gas refinery.

6.Professional Oil Field Asset Consulting Services

Based on the theory of AIM (Asset Integrity Management) , we built one closed-loop managing system which integrated with asset informational management, security inspection, inspection & maintenance- historical breakdown information collection and completion, data secondary development, building and optimizing for predictive maintenance provision, equipment overhaul and maintenance, effectiveness evaluation and follow-up improvement. Providing professional, integrated and comprehensive consulating services for oilfield assets, improving managing effectiveness and asset operational efficiency and reducing managing work pressure and costs.

7.The Energy-saving Assessment

SEQS&II / Kete are able to monitor and evaluate 37 kinds of energy-wasting water consumption equipment involved in 3 categories,  coal (oil) physical and chemical properties analysis, the groundwater (gas) piping network check and defect locating, effect assessment following the energy-saving devices adoption.

SEQS&II / Kete can conduct and complete enterprise energy management, utilization, measurements and audit on energy-consuming equipments, energy costs and energy exploiting process. SEQS&II / Kete are capable of assessing the energy usage,  energy exploiting process, equipments, measurements and the impact on local energy supply and utilization in the fixed investment projects research report.