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petroleum mechanical equipment and product

1.The Flow Monitoring System of Shallow Wells' Drilling Fluids

By collecting the inlet flow of slush pump and flow data of well-head's outlet on the drilling site to find the well leakage and well kick timely.

2.The Remote Automatic Gauging System of Drilling Oil

This system is consisted of ultrasonic flow meter, pressure sensors, intelligent fluid density meter, ultrasonic level measurement instrument, embedded remote measure control terminal and the server. Periodical uploading to the server following the set sequence by means of GPRS mobile network, then users may access corresponding data following their individual authority extension. The whole process is void of manual intervention and the date accuracy and security is assured. It can be used in drilling, special vehicle oil automatic measuring and remote monitoring.


Using cradle monitoring techniques to establish energy-management control center, providing real-time monitoring and recording the energy utilization, and comparing the energy utilization automatically. So that it can find problem and provide a solution, achieving and the energy-management became visualized, informational and automatic.

4.The Fuel-saving Device for Diesel Engine

The device made the fuel oil molecule disintegrate fully without changing the composition of the fuel, improving the contact density of fuel oil molecule, oxygen molecule and promote fuel combusts more completely therefore improving efficiency in the usage of fuel. It's safe, stable, and convenient; not only does it saves the fuel but also reduces pollution. 

5.The Phase Array Pressure Governing Device

By monitoring motor's real-time voltage and current and controlling silicon rectifier trigger angel to provide optimal current and voltage, timely adjust motor's input power as required, with features of soft start, energy-saving, optimizing operation and equipment protection.

6.Catalytic de-oxygenation Test Apparatus

Take methods of air stripping and oxidation, this device can remove H2S and dissolved oxygen in produced water, and accelerate the oxidation process by catalytic reaction with processing capability of3m3/h and the dissolved oxygen will be ≤0.05 mg/L after treatment.